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the people of that town, a regiment of militia, 30. A Manifesto against the French Go-
and the soldiers of the German legion, in vernment published by the Emperor of Rus-
which several persons were killed and sia at St. Petersburgh.
20. A Treaty of Peace between France

and Russia signed at Paris, un the part of the 4. The Park and Tower guns fired, in con-
latier Power, by M. d'Oubril.

sequence of the arrival of an official account 23. The Session of Parliament prorogued of 'the splendid victory obtained hy Sir by Commission. In the Speech, allusion was. John Stuart on the plains of Maida, in Calamade to pacific discussions carrying on be- bria. tween his Majesty's Guvernment and that of

9. A tremendous hurricane at Dominica and France.

Martinique; by which great damage was 29. Surrender of Buenos Ayres and its done to these islands, and many of the dependencies to his Majesty's forces under inhabitants were destroyed. the command of Major-General Beresford 12. Death of Lord Thurlow. His funeral and Sir Home Popham

on the 25th, when the body was interred in
Le Rhin, French frigate, captured by the the vault of the Temple Church.
Mars, Captain Oliver, being one of four fri- 13. Death of the Right llon. Charles James
gates returning from Porto Rico to France.


14. The French squadron commanded by 2, Departure of Lord Lauderdale for Paris, Guilleaumez (after Jerome Buonaparte's to conclude the negociation commenced with ships separated from it) having sustained the French Government.

great damage in a gale of wind, some of 7. In consequence of the Confederation of the ships took shelter in the Chesapeak; the Rhine, Francis the Jld published, at where l'Iimpetueux, of 74 guns, was destroyed Vienna, his resignation of the office of Em. by the Bellona and the Belleisle, two of Sir peror of Germany; which dissolved that an- Richard Strachan's squadron. cient Constitution.

18. Loss of the King George packet, 13. The Emperor of Russia, hy the advice bound from Pork Gate to Dublin, with all the of his Council, refused to ratity the Treaty passengers and crew, amounting to 106 persigned at Paris by d'Oubril.

sons; four seamen, one woman, aud a child, 16. Six of the homeward-bound Quebec excepted. convoy captured by Jeroine Buonaparté, in 20. The King of Prussia, accompanied by the Veteran, on his return to France.

the Queen, lett Berlin, and proceeded to the 20. Lord Holland and Lord Auckland ap- hcad quarters of the army collected on his pointed by his Majesty Joint Commissioners frontiers io oppose the French. to treat with the Anierican Commissioners, 25. Sir Samuel Hood, having under his Mr. Monroe and Mr. Pinckney.

command the Centaur and Monarch, fell in 22. The body of an unfortunate girl of the with a French squadron, consisting of five town found in İligler's-lane, near the King's frigates and two brigs, which had just escaped Bench prison ; hur murder being rendered from Rochefort. Sir Samuel lost his right remarkable by some uncommon circumstances arın in the action, and four of the frigates of brutality with wluch it appeared that were captured. crime had been committed.

Buonaparté left Paris to join the army 23. Brilliant naval achievement by his assembled to act against Prassia. Majesty's ships Aretusa and Anson, in an 30. The Archduke Ferdinand of Wurtzattack on the enemy near Moro Castle, in the burg (brother to the Emperor of Austria) island of Cuba; the Spanish trigaie Pomona, declared his accession to the Confederation of 38 guns and 347 men being captured; of the Rhine twelve twenty-four pounder gun-boats de. stroyed, each of which had a crew of 100

OCTOBER nen; and the fort, wounting sixteen thirty. 1. Lord Morpeth set out on a mission to six pounders, blown up.

the Court of Berlin, 25. John Phi::p Palm, bookseller, of Nu..

%. The carriage of the Princess of Wales remberg, and five others, condemned to death overturned at Leatherbead; in consequence by a French Military Commission at Bran- of which Miss Cholinundelcy, who accompa. nau, for selling a publication against Buo. nied her Royal Highness, was killed on the naparıé and his army. Or the other five, spot. vnly one, Joseph Schoderer, of Dinuwerth, 3. Death of Dr. Horsley, Bishop of St. was iu custody, and he was perdoued; bor Asaph. Palin, who steadily refused tu name the 5. King Lonis set out from the Hague to author, was cruelly put to death, confummable head the Dutch troops of the army of the to the sentence.

North, intended to co-operate with the French 26. Jerome Buonaparte, kaving separated Grand Army. brow Guilleaumez's squadron, escaped froma 8. å telegraphic message, announcing the the British cruisers which pursued him, and return of Lord Lauderdale, sent by Lord arrived at Concarneau Bay near l'Oricat. Howick to the Lord Mayor, and by him to

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Colinette iCafterwards } Miss Searle.

ley, was produced for the first time tions for Colinette (who is changed to Coloss under the title of “ Mother Goose; bine,) till the Golden Exg, which is cast into or, The Golden Egg," the principal the Sea by the Enchantress, shall be agaib Characters of which were these :

produced by one of the offending parties.

The pursuit and alternate possessions of the Mother Goose

Mr. SIMMONS. Lady commence, and continue through a Colin ......

Mr. King. variety of scenes and situations, interspersed (afterwards Hark.

with more than twenty mechanical transforquin)..... Mr. BOLOGNA, jun. mations. Mother Goose at length relents, Avaro(afterwards Pan.


commissions a Sea Sprite to restore the Egg, taloon)....

and unites the affianced Lovers. 'Squire Bugle (after

Mr. GRIMALDI. We have not for several years wit. wards Clown)...

nessed a Pantomime more attractive Water Spirit .

Master Benson.

than this; whether we consider the Goodwix.

variety and ingenuity of the mechaniFairies...


cal devices; the wbiin, humour, and - SEARLE. agility of the Harlequin, Clown, and

Pantaloon ; or the adinirable dexterity )......

with which the scenery is managed. Woodculter's Wite.....Mrs. WHITMORE. GRIMALDI, whom we always believed

to possess talents that were not suffiAvaro, the miserly guardian of Colinette, ciently called into exercise at Drurybreaks a promise that he had given Colin to lane, made his first appearance at Comarry bis ward, in favour of 'Squire Bugle, a vent Garden, as the Clown in this piece rich widower of repulsive manners, and as and his performance astonished us by completely disagreeable to the young and sen- the variety of his tricks, and the neatsible Colmette, as Colin is, on the contrary, a favorite. The piece opens with prepa

ness and promptitude with which they

were executed. Mother Goose (a part, rations for the 'Squire's marriage with Colinette, which are interrupted by the remon

by-the-bye, very humorously performed strauces of Colin. During the bustle this by Simmons) was received with unanioccasions, the Beadle and Rustic Parish Offi- mous applause. She has filled Covent cers bring Mother Goose before the 'Squire Garden to an overflow every night since as a reputed witch, and beg that she may be her first appearance; and will, we doubt punished. The 'Squire condemns her to the not, contiuue long to produce her gol. ducking stool. Colin, from the natural hu- den eggs to the Treasury of Messrs. ananity of his disposition, opposes the sen- Harris, keinble, and Co. tence, and warmly espouses the cause of Mother Goose, who escapes fro:n her perse- Jan. 12. DRURY-LANE.--A new Ope. cutors, raises the ghost of the 'Squire's first ra, by Mr. KENNEY, the fortunate auwife, and puts an end to the festivity of the thor of Raising the Wind, Matrimony, intended nuptials. Colin, however, cannot prevail on Avaro to keep his promise, and is entitled "False ALARMS; or, My Cou

&c. was presented for the first time, giving way to the deepest despair; when Mother Goose, in gratitude for his late in.

sin." The following are the principal

characters: terposition in her favour, makes him a present of the Goose so tamed in fable for Sir Damon Gayland. ...Mr. WuOUOHTON. possessing the wonderful ability to lay a Edgar Gayland.... Mr. BRAHAM. Golden Egg every day, with permission to Tom Surteit... ..Mr. BANNISTER. give this curious bird io Avaro in exchange Lieutenant M'Lary

Mr. JOHNSTOYE. for the hand of Colinette. Avaro receives Plod ...

Mr. MATTHEW8. the gift with raplure; but, instigated by the Gabriel.

Mr. PENLEX natural rapacity of his disposition, refuses Grinvelt

Mr. WEWITZER to give his Ward, unless Colin will consent to Bumper

Mr. Dionum. open the enchanted animal, in the hope of

Waiters, Servants, &c. producing all her wealth at once: Colin Lady Gayland.. Mrs. Mountain, refuses, and Colinette entreats for the life

Caroline Sedley.

Miss Duncan of the bird ; but Avaro is inexorable. The


Mrs. BLAND. 'Squire is again introduced, and about to

Miss Umbrage.

Miss PoPE. carry off the lovely prize ; when Colin, fear


Mad. STORACE. sul of losing his betrothed, gives a rash consent to sacritice the gift of his Patroness; she Sir Damon Gayland, who has recently indignantly appears, rescues the Bird, and taken Lady Gayland for his second wife, condenuns Avaro, Colin, and the 'Squire, to and for whom he really has more regard wear the shapes of Pantaloon, Harlequilig than he is aware of, is infatuated with ibe and Clown, and wander in mutual conten- silly pride of cxciting his wife's jealousy.




It appears that he has been in the habits of mirthful Caroline finds a deserving and suc. correspondence with an incognita with whom cessful suitor in the brave and honest M'Lary. he became acquainted at a private masque. rade, but to whose person he has been kept

In this Opera, which contains much a stranger. The jealous apprehensions of Lady Gayland are relieved bs rhe unexpected more business and bustle than we have arrival of Caroline Sedley, an old friend and for some time been accustomed to in schoolfellow. Caroline declares herself to be dramas of the same genus, we find how the cause of Sir Damon's alienation, relutes possible it is to give plot, interest, and their meeting at the masquerade, and that humour, to a sort of entertainment that accidentally discovering in the person of her of Jate years has seldom claimed to be gallant, the husband of her quondam friend, more than a vehicle for music. The she had been induced to humour the intrigue plot is as carefully connected and comin the hope of avenging the wrongs of Lady bined in incident and character as if it Gaytand, and effecting Sir Damon's reiorna- had not the aid of music. The latter, rion. To promote this design, she has ob- however, has the character of pleasing tained a letter of introduction to Sir Damon, under the disguise and character of Captain simplicity; and we think that many of

The Bronze; and in this character she affocts the airs will become popular. such an easy, impudent freedom with Sir overture and the chief part of the songs Pamon's house, his servants, and, above all, &c, are by King ; Braham, we believe his wife, that the man of gallantry is con- composed his own songs; some of them, founded, his indignation is roused, bis jea- we think, with less than his usual suca lousy is alarmed, and, under pretence of We annex the most admired of sudden indisposition, he deternsines imme. them, in which he accompanied himself diately to hurry away his wife from su dan

on a grand piano forte in a most mas. gerous an intruder. This is the signal for Lady terly stile, and was unanimously enGayland; she refuses to accompany him,

cored: accuses Sir Damon of infidelity, abaslies him by producing the correspondence with his incognita, and peremptorily insists upon a

Said a Smile to a Tear separation. To increase Sir Dainon s confu. siona billet arrives from the fictitions Rosa. And beain'd like the sun in spring weather,

On the cheek of my dear, luda, staung that she is at hand, and can

In sooth, lovely Tear, no longer endure suspense. The false Cap

Il strange must appear, tain, to whom Lady Gayland appeals, affects That we should be both here together. to recognize the hand-writing of the fair Rvsalinda to be that of his cousin, and demands instant satisfaction from Sir Damon for the

I came from the heart, indiguity offered to his family. Sir Damon To yonder sad daughter of grief:

A sott balm to impart is overpowered with shame and penitence, and pleads for forgiveness. In the mean

And I, said the Smile, time Edgar, the son of Sır Damon, has är

That heart now beguile, rived in pursuit of Einily, the ward of old Since you gave the poor mouruer relief. Plod, to whom he is attached, contrary to the views of his father. After some of the

Oh! then, said the Tear, usual difficulties in these cases, in which his

Sweet Smile, it is clear jealousy has been needlessly alarmed, he We are twins, and soft Pity our inother: succeeds in eloping with the object of his And how lovely that face wishes, and Sir Damon's consent is extorted Which together we grace, by Lady Gayland as a condition of their re- For the woe and the bliss of another! conciliation.

A further interest arises out of the characters of Toin Surfeit and Lieutenant M'Lary, The dialogue is neat and spirited who are rival candidates for the hand of and Tom Surfeit's chart of his voyage Caroline. The former (as an apology for from the East Indies excited iminodedoing nothing) lias assumed the character of a rate laughter. Indeed, the whole strength Temple student; but, despising the slow refurns of half-guinea motions as inadequate to

of the house is employed ; and with his fashionable pursuits, he conceives designs excellent effect. The piece was extremeupon the superior fortune of "Plod's Ward. ly well received, and has since had a very His attempts, however," are frustrated, and successful run. his vanig esposed in all quarters, while iliş





ODE FOR THE NEW YEAR. Now in each breast with heat redoubled


And gleams dismay and death on Europe's. 1.

ruthless focs.

IV. WHEN loud and drear the tempests

Not to Ambition's specions charm, When high the billowy mountains rise,

Not to thi' cnsanguind despoi's hand, And headlong 'gainst the rocky shore,

Is conquest bound-a mightier Arin Driven by the blast, the giddy vessel

Tian Earth's proud iyrunts can withfries;

stand, 'nguided, by the wild waves borne,

The balance holds of human fate, ller rudder broke, her tuchling tow;

Raise's the low and sinks the great. Say, does the seaman's daring wid

Exerung ihen in Europe's cause Shrink from the angry frown of tale?

Each energy of arn and mud, Does ise, to abject fear resign'd,

All that iron force or skill the warrior Th' impending stroke in silence wait?

draws, Norwhile he pours the tervent prayer

Yet to th' Almighty Pow'r resigud, To llam whose will can punish or can spare,

Those light bule'st all Nature's movements Cool and intrepid 'mid the sound

guides, Of winds and waves that

Coutiels the battle's and the ocean's tides; rage

around, The powers that shill and strength impart,

Brilam soll hopes that leaven her vows will The nervous arm, th' undanted heart, Collecung, -- firm he fronts the threai'ning

While Vervy rears lier shield, and Justice storm,

pomis her pear. And bra: es, with fearless breast, feil Death's terrific form:


So, thongh around our sea-encircled reign, Addressed to the Inhabitants of the British
The dreadtul tempest scenis to lower,

Dismay'd do Britain's hardly train
Awalt in doubt the threat'ning hour?

see a most uncommon view dislo! tu his sons, will checring voce,


(made, Albioti's hold Genius calls around;

The lovely scene, by spring and autumn Around him valiant myriads crowd, Where grapes, in festoons, deck the myrtle Or death or victory their choice ;

glade : From ev'ry port asionistid Europe sees With purple interspers’d, green clusters hang, Britannia's white sails swelling with the As in the Isles where Grecia's poets sang : brecze;

In contrast picturesque the colours glow; Not her Imperial barks alone

And the luxuriant soil and chate show'. Ane the proud toe on ev'ry siele,

Not "Naxia, + Metelm, or Scio fair, Counserciher vessels launches on the tide; "Tenerius, Samos, could therewith compare: And her indignant sons awlule

Not Deios, Piros, or thi' Ogygian Islep, Seceding from their wonted toil,

Whose charms did even Flermes' eyes beTuro from the arts of peace their care,

gune; Hurl from each deck the bolis of war, Which, 1or a moment, almost led astray To sweep tl' injurious boasters from the

Hlu', charg'd the sacred message 10 convey. Alain,

Iu || Candia no such scene the eye sorveyd; Who dare lo circunscribe Britannia's naval Thongli pleasing, Reimo, thy olive shace : righ.

Though with the Andes Ida's Mount might.
And sce with emulative zea!

Round wbuse high snmnit gelid breezes
Our locosts conc.piai arlour ice!!
The ariient spirit, ihat of yore

To coolinc ardours of Zaara's sky:
128o highon Galia's vanetishi'd shore;
Oi buru'd by Danube's distant foc,
1,en fow'd bus current in Waidi Gallic

* Naxos.
Of słone on Lincelles' later hight;

+ Lesbos. Os ruby sure's cou're the critian's Chios kinnit;

$ The Island of Calypso. Or talielivi voida's field the Grid to forl, h Crate, in stucha is liount Ida and this I said by the loves marina li bistuba town of Retno.

! Tie Desert of Africa.



Rot fair *Phæacia could more brightly shine, Such, South Peru, now shown in prospect On whose description dwelt the † Pow's

fair, Divine.

Enchanting specimen of beauty rare ! Behold! where sits upon a golden throne Jan. 2, 1807.

BRITANNICUS. The Lady of the Southern Temp'rate Zone: All the bright gerus her radiant crown com- The beauty of the Grecian islands is well pose;

known. And Oceau's finest pearls surround her brows: A variety of the hippopotamos, (the forWith lapis lazuli her pavements shine, midable amphibious animal stiled Behemoth And all the rich productions of the mine: in Scripture,) is found in some parts of South Colunins of porphyry support her dome, i America: it is interior in size to that which is Where all, who sleiter need, may find a met with in Egypt. home.

The alligator, or crocodile, of America, Her, bounties measureless characterize, is also to be seen in some parts near the On whom descends the intluence of the skies; Live.--(This is the Leviathan ot' Scripture.) How she delights those bounties to bestow! The buio is the largest of the serpent And lo! the more she gives, to her more tribe; it is also found in South America, as flow.

well as in the deserts and impenetrable foRob'd in magnificence, beliold the Queen! rests of Africa, Majestically sweet appears her mien !

The hooded snake is a very remarkable See! how the ringlets of her tresses fair creature, having a membrane attached to its Fall on her neck, or gently wave in air: head, which it has the custom of expanding Behold her form! adorn'd with ev'ry grace; like a hood when it rears itself. The beauties of her ever-blooming face; Virginia's terror is the rattle-snake, peculiar Her eyes, which bright with mildest lustre to that country. the bones of this species, beam,

towards the extremity or tail, are loose, and Image present of happiness supreme.

rattle as it moves; whence its name. While she, with guardian care, surveys her. All the serpent tribe are said to have reign;

(grain, a power of fascination over birds, and indeed On ev'ry side, the dust transfornu'd to over all animals. It is, probably, the effect Clothes ev'ry field, and hides th'extensive of the extreme terror wbich affects all create plain.

tures, at the sight of these obnoxious repShe smiles :-with blossoms all the trees are uiles; which depriving them of recollection, crown'd;

induces them to rush into the mouth exAnd lo! ripe fruits are intermingled found: panded to devour them. Flow'rs of sweet scent otrspread the meads lu Guiana, Amazonia, tlre interior of Terra and hills,

Fırma and ot Brazid, far from the baunts of And ev'ry vale the rich & frutilla fills : nuen, are these tremendous monsters found. Lemon and orange trees in tufts are seen, Similar countries shelter them in Africa. On the fair carpet of unfading green:

Poeticallanguage is here applied solely to Cloudless appears the pure celestial blue: illustrate facts. The climate of Chili is deTh' expanse of heav'n presents a glorious lightful, and its riches inexhaustible; it conview.

tains mines of every metal, though gold preNo pois’nous reptile may her subjects dominates. Jt produces sulphur, loadstone, fear:

lapis lazuli, limestone, salt. Many of the From ev'ry rav'nous heast her realm is clear:

Andes are rocks of porphyry; the produce Timid becomes the furious lion here.

of the surface of the earth is immense, and it No hippopotamos infests the meads ; has timber tit for ship-building : it has no veNo alligator lurks amongst the reeds:

nomous creature, and the character of the lion Here never rises from the thorny brake is lost in this country: tiocks and herds The dreadful buio, or the houded snake: are abundant: also corn, wine, oil, and silk. Virginia's terror here is never heard ;

Lady Mary Wortley Montague's lines, in.. Here dwells secure th' unfascinated bird.

applicable to the borders of the Hellespont, Alike exempt from heat, as winter's storni,

would be true if applied to Chili: Nought may presnme her landscape to de

No killing cold deforms the beauteous form ;

year, Verdure delightful here is ever fonnd; Pleasantness rests

beauteous Chili's

The springing flow’rs no coming winter fear.”' ground.

The passage alluded to respecting Hermes
in Calypso's Island may be found in the
Odyssey. It is very beautilul.
Joy touch'd the Messenger of Heaven :--

he staid
Corcyra, now Corfu.
+ Minerva. See the Odyssey.

Entranc'd, and all the blissful haunt sur

vey'd."— Pope's Translation, Book V. The finest marble.

Mullious of additional inhabitants might The large strawberry peculiar to Chili.

find support in Chili.

Europ. Mag. Vol. LI, Jan. 1807.

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