· So Milton represents, that when Adam
was conversing with the angel, Eve re-
tired: i
. " Yet went she not, as not with such discourse

Delighted, or not capable her ear .
Of what was high : such pleasure she reserved,
Adan relating, she sole auditress :.
Her husband the relator she preferr'd
Before the angel, and of him to ask
Chose rather: he, she knew, would intermix
Grateful digressions, and solve high dispute
With conjugal caresses ; from his lip
Not words alone pleas'd her. ( when mcet now
Such pairs, in love and mutual honour join'd?

Time is often a great barrier to lovers' pleasures. How they long for the happy moment, when the expected meeting is to take place! And how eager to improve the short season they are to be together! How swift the moments fly! and how soon,-too soon! they have to regret that they must part. And how long the hours seem till they meet again! My fancy hears the fair one cry:

• Fly swift ye hours, ye measure time in vain, "Till ye bring back Leonidas again : Then stay; and to retrieve the wrong, When he and I are met, be twice as long.' Now, my dear friends, you enjoy the inexpressible pleasure of being together as long as you desire, without any fear on your part, or uneasiness on he part of others.

What would some lovers give for only an hour or two together! The recol. lection of such feelings has a tendency to heighten the pleasures of the marriage state, and to increase our enjoyments.

Now, at the appointed hour,-the hour of rest, you need not go.---You are now at home. You will retire together, like the original parents of mankind, and worship God; and express your grati. tude to him for blessing you with each other. • Both turn'd and under open sky ador'd The God that made both sky, air, earth, and heav'n, Which they beheld, the moons resplendant globe, And starry pole. Thou also mad'st the night Maker omnipotent, and thou the day, Which we in our appointed work employ'd llave finish'd, happy in our mutual help And mutual love, the crown of all our bliss."

Milton has eminently succeeded in describing the pleasures enjoyed in that best of blessings, a virtuous wife. He represents Adam as expressing his feeling's on this subject to the angel, in the following remarkable manner:

• Thus have I told thee all my state, and brought
My story to the sum of earthly bliss
Which I enjoy, and must confess to find
In all things else delight indeed, but such
As, us'd or not, works in the mind no change,

Nar ehement desire, these delicacies
I mean of taste, sight, smell, herbs, fruits, and flowers,
Walks, and the melody of birds ; but here'
Far otherwise, transported I behold,
Transported touch; here passion first I felt,
Commotion strange, in all enjoyments else
Superior and unmov'd, here only weak
Against the charm of beauty's pow'rful glance,
* * * * * * * * * * * *
. * * * Yet when I approach
Her loveliness, so absolute she seems
And in herself complete, so well to know
Her own, that what she wills to do or say
Seems wisest, virtuousest, discreetest, best.
All higherknowledge in her presence falls
Degraded, wisdom in discourse with her
Loses discount'nanc'd, and like folly shows;
Authority and reason on her wait,
As one intended first, not after made
Occasionally : and, to consummate all,
Greatness of mind, and nobleness, their seat
Build in her loveliest, and create an awe
About her, as a guard angelic plac'd.'

When the angel warned him against being too much captivated by outward appearances, and external beauties; he replied :

• Neither her outside form so fair, nor aughit
So much delights me, as those graceful acts,
Those thousand decencies that daily flow
From all her words and actions, mix'd' with love
And sweet compliance, which declare unfeign'd
Union of mind, or in us both one soui;
Harmony to behold in wedded pair
More grateful than harmonious sound to th' ear."

These pleasures, my dear Sir, are ever new ; and are constantly enjoyed amidst all the cares and business of life. And as a family comes on the husband discovers. a thousand new endearments in his wife, which it was impossible for him to feel the influence of before. Her affectionate attention to their children, and her discreet and prudent management of all the domestic concerns, give him a peculiar satisfaction, and constantly create for him new pleasures, which fill his bosom with strong emotions of gratitude to God, for blessing him with such a treasure. These are indeed comforts, yea delights

. Warm as the mother's kiss
. Upon her infant's cheek;
When the heart bounds with bliss

And joy that cannot speak !" That you may enjoy these pleasures, still multiplying as the days and years of your life increase ; till you partake of the greatest felicity which our mortal state allows, is the earnest prayer of,

· My dear Sir, Your sincere and affectionate friend.'

The Pleasures of the Marriage State


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MY DEAR SIR, . Our bountiful Creator has most wonderfully furnished the world, with every thing adapted for the enjoyment of mankind at large. It is manifest that it was not his design, merely to furnish us with necessaries for our subsistence: but with a great variety of delicacies, to administer to our pleasures. As an Apostle has beautifully expressed it: 'He gives us richly all things to enjoy. The fields, the woods, the groves, the garden, the orchard, the vineyard; what an amazing abundance for the gratification of all our senses ! But the greatest of all the pleasures we enjoy, in any thing short of communion with the Creator himself, are the pleasures that flow from the conju: gal state.

The celebrated author of the Seasons 'has, I think, beautifully illustrated this. Speaking of married person's dwelling together in a becoming and exemplary manner, he says:

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