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For JANUARY 1807. -

[Embellished with, 1. An elegant Frontispiece, representing the WEST Garf,

SOUTHAMPION. And, 2. A Portrait of the late DUKE OF DRtaswick.]




Memoir of the late Duke of Bruns.

Loxbox RIVIEW.

Wooll's Memoirs of the late Dr.
Anecdote of Pope Sixtus the Vth and



the Princess Camilla

5 Odell's Essay on the Elements, Ac-

Infallible Remedy to stop Bleeding cents, and Prosudy of the English
at the Nose


Conjectures respecting Passages and The Tablet of Menorý
Characters in Ben Jonson's Alche Brewer's Hours of Leisure



ibid. || Chronological Table of Occurrences

Furcher Account of the Grave Maurice 7 for the Year 1806
Anecdote of Mr. Cooke, the Cove Theatrical Journal:-including, Cha-
• dian

ibid. racter of a vew Performer-Cha-
Vestiges, collected and recollected, racter of the Enchanters; or, Har.

by Joseph Moser, Esq. No. LIII. 9 lequin Swiams - Fable and Cha-

The Drapier. Letter III,

16 racter of Mother Goose; or, The

Myron : an Arabian Tale. By Jo. Golden For; and Talsc Alarms;

scph Moser, Esq.


or, My Cousia


A Letter to the Right Hon. R. B. Poetry ;-including, Ode for the New

25 Year-Glumpse of Chili, or South-

On the Silk Manufactory


ero. Peru-Sounet on the Compa-

An Anecdote ut William Cheselden, tibility of Loic and Wi-ciom 56


27 | Journal of the Procecalings of the

Essays, Historical, Literary, and No. First Session of the Third Par-

ral. No. XII. On the Abuse of Time ibid. liament of the limited Kingdom of

The Reasoner. No, IV.

30 Great Britain and Ireland


Desence of Gray against the Rez Intelligence from the London Ga-
soner's Attack on his Poems


Query respecting a Gigantic Figure Foreign Intelligence


at Cerne, in Dorsetshire

34 Domestic lutelligcace
Remarkable appearances in the Sea 33 Marriages


Anecrdotes of Cardinal Bernis

30 Monthly Obituary


Correction of an error respecting Dr. Variations of Barometer and Ther-




ibirt. Price of Stocks

u Fortune Tellers


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Vervandas our best thanks; his hints shall be attended to.

Constant READER will see the trifling mistake to which he so kindly alludes Çrrected. It was (according to Shakspeare) made by “ Avstria arid France" úpon a much more serious occasion. With respect to the PORTRAIT,

“ See the same soan in vigour, in ibe gout,

Alone, in company, in rrace or ort/? and it will require a good deal of sagacity to discover the same cast of countenance.

The review of the Tour through the Islands of OraNEY, SHETANI, &c. is 5 no means suited to the system of our Magazine. Devoted to fair and liberal cri. ticisin, we can never suster oxir pages to become the vehicies of private malignity.

In our next will be commenced a series of DescRIPTIONS, REMARKS, ANPCnotes, and SEXTIMONT, which occurred, and arose, during a Voyage from the WEST INDIES, to Forth America, and thence to England, and during the Au. thor's ronibles in the two latter countries.

We shall take an early opportunity of making some' remarks upon a most ad. mairable and us:fu! Work, entitled A 'Treatise on INDIGEŚCE, &c., by P. Colqu. žio!!!, LL.D., rhich is now on the point of publication.

VINDICATOR's Observations on the REASONER, Nos. II and II), which must close the subject; J. F. lirrino's Answer to M.; and the Revicw of the AntiQUANIAN PEPERTORY, shall be inserted in our next.

Nr. Moser will not, we are sure, be oftended if we defer his Description of the Great Desert of M'ESTMINten till sexi mouth, for vant of room.

Brilannicus, Herry and !?ra, Britain's Genius, The Art of Il riting Legenilary Tales, Icarus, Odr 13 Il isdom, and many other poetical favours, are received. Sosmali is the space that we can allot !0 PUETRY, iliat ve ardently wish many of our ingerious correspondents would not

Sit! w sersen hat others say in prose." In our very lasi lumber, p. 123, 1.7i will find a reiney for the Iydrophovia rucommended. There is no loabi bat that many useless dogs are kept: but the Magistrates have lens power to repress the evil than he imagines.

11.,1. Dis our thanks, and viesiail be glad to hear from him whenever it may suit his conchiere.

It were to be wisted, that writers of Letters töihe Editors would prefix, by way of head, the subjects of their communications.

The plan of this Jagazine does not admit of long and laboured punegyrics on deceased individuals. Here we lo enter on such a field in the present state of society, it would sometimes gougieco exclude almost every other subject.

Errata in our last 12:mber: P. 421. lor (LAK rond (LIVE.

T. Moody should be read J. Moopy--the same name as John Voodvr

the character in THE PROVOKCD ilusLAND which that excellent actor

so admirably performed. P. 423. In the Description of the Gate of Y'ap youth, for North read Suutu.

ATTRAGE PRICES OF COR\ from January 10 to January 17.

Wheat Ryul Barl. Oats Beans

Whcall Ric: Barl. Oats Beans 919 32:1 0 Vildlesex 7:7 11:0

716 0 hent 33 018 0143 of Surrey

3112 0 Susses 6:3 100)

C'Hortiord Sintolk 77 1000

5:37 10:20 Bedford Cambridge 7? 5,13 10 3 7.9 1138 51 luntingdon 73 7.0 C 0123 Vorfolk

16 8Sorrhamp. 72 :937 826 $|!1 Lincolo

5! Purland Tista (9

U Leicester Darhan 78 800

o Wonington 73 13 Northwub. 73 732 .37 11/27 0||Derby 75 109

1/20 10194 Cumberland 73 7:5 09 oli staford


130 li? J(1 Westanozi.

o slip Lancaster

il Dereford 74 11 10 08 5,00

forcester Clouc::stup 77


Marwick Somerset

1 812 o'i fills Immacuh 79 710) Gil 11.10 (10 Berhs

039 1:131 918 3 TVO

87 0120 01:39 1:101) (Jacord 19 2170 0.37 41-902 ? Cornval! 34 37 1042 obucks

zlou 0,9 31.8 61.15 8

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