The wife of Mr Brooks, in the Strand. brated Rev. William Whiston. 6. Rev., -Mary Ann, daughter of Mr Munden the William Greenwood, author of a poem comedian 21. Ač Edinburgh, Mr Patrick “ Written during a Shooting Excursion on Erskine, surgeon. 25. At Edinburgh, Capt. the Moors.” 7. Elizabeth, the wife of George John Stewart of the Seahorse frigate, aged Meyer, Esq. 9. The Dowager Viscountess 36 years. 29. Thomas Hughan, Esq. M.P. Hereford. io. Aged 90, Mrs Mary Flower, whose marriage we mentioned in the fore- mother of Sir Charles Flower, Bart. 11. going pages.

Rev. Thomas Broughton, of Bristol. 13. Nov. 5. The Hon. and Rev. Richard lady of Sir John Perring, Bart, and alderByron, third son of the fourth Lord By- man. 15. In his 82d year, Sir Wadsworth

6. The sister of Sir John Wyldbore Busk, Knt. 16. Dr Charles Moss, Lord Smith, Bart. 13. In his 84th year, the Bishop of Oxford. 17. In his 724 year, Mr Rev. Thomas Ludlain, M. A. 22. Aged Antes, author of “ Travels in Egypt.”. 98, Mrs Holt, relict of the late J. Holt, Mrs Grant, at an advanced age, the moEsq. 23. James Hill, Esq. banker, of Up- ther of the Master of the Rolls. 20. Anne pingham.-L. P. Bouverie, third son of the Maria, youngest daughter of the very skilEarl of Radnor. 24. The wife of William ful and benevolent oculist, James Ware, Esdaile, Esq. of Clapham. 25. Rev. W. Esq. 21. Aged 90, Sir P. Parker, Bart. Talbot, Rector of Elmslet, aged 91. 26. admiral and commander-in-chief of the Sir Thomas Tyrwhitt Jones, Bart. M. P. fleet.--Mr Coleman, serjeant-at-arms to for Shrewsbury. 27. Charles Lambert, Esq. the House of Commons. 28. The Doweditor of Chandler's Life of Bishop Wayn- ager Countess Stanhope, mother of the flete. 27. Andrew Meikle, the inventor of present earl, at the age of 93; a lady of the improved threshing-mill; and on the high intellectual attainments, and distin29th, his son George Meikle. 28. Joseph guished moral worth. 80. G. W. ThelluJones, Esq, of the house of Jones, Lloyd, son, M.P. for Barnstaple.-Dr P. Wilson, and Co. bankers. 30. Lady Lawson, relict formerly Professor of Astronomy in the of Sir Wilfrid Lawson, Bart.

University of Glasgow, and an eminent DEC. 9. The wife of Nathaniel Conant, type-founder. Esq. and the grand-daughter of the cele


IN 1811.

FEB. 5.-Carleton House - His Royal dinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to the Highness the Prince Regent made the fol- United States of America. lowing appointments to his household : The Earl of Caithness, Post-Master Ge

Sir Henry Halford, Bart. M. D. Physi- neral for Scotland. cian in Ordinary.

The Hon. Frederick Lambe, Secretary Major-Gen. Turner, sd Guards, Assist- of Legation to the Court of Palermo. ant Private Secretary; and

John Pond, Esq. Astronomical Obser Gen. William Kepper, Major-General vator at Greenwich. Francis Thomas Hammond, and Lieut- David Boyle, Esq. one of the Lords of Col. William Congreve, Equerries. Session in Scotland.

Lord William Bentinck, Envoy Extra- David Moneypenny, Esq. Solicitor Geordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to neral for Scotlanda the Court of Palermo.

J. W. Murray, Esq. Judge of the Court Augustus John Foster, Envay Extraor- of Admiralty in Scotland. VOL, IV. PART II.


MARCH.--Robert Townshend Farquhar, Colonels-B. Fisher, royal engineers; T. Esq. Governor of the Islands of Bourbon Nepean, ditto; T. R. Charleton, royal. and Mauritius, and their dependencies. artillery ; H. de Hinuber, king's German

Lieut.-Gen. Sir John F. Cradock, Go- legion, with temporary rank; Sir C. Shipvernor and Commander in Chief of the ley, Knt. royal engineers ; H. Bell, royal Cape of Good Hope.

marines; T. Strickland, ditto; T. Mahon, John Hodgson, Esq. Major General, 9th light dragoons; W. T. Dilkes, 3d foot Governor and Commander in Chief of the guards; H. Rudyerd, royal engineers; J. Island of Curaçoa.

Oswald, 35th foot; J. Gashard le MarSir James Cockburn, Bart. Governor chant, Military College; J. M. Hadden, and Commander in Chief of the Bermuda royal artillery; W. Doyle, 62d foot; J. Islands.

Hatton, 66th foot; Pinson Bonham, 69th David Hume, Esq. one of the Six ordi- foot; J. Burnett, military superintendant nary Clerks of Session in Scotland. of hospitals; W. Anson, 1st foot guards ;

James Ferguson, jun. Esq. one of the J. Bourchier, of the late royal Irish artilTour Commissioners of Edinburgh. lery; I. Brock, 49th foot; G. W. Ramsay, William Harding Read, Esq. Consul- 60th foot; R. Craufurd, on half pay

of General in the Azores ; Louis Hargrave, 60th foot; E. Howarth, royal artillery; J. Esq. Consul in the Balearic Islands; and Dorrien, royal horse guards; T. DesbriRobert Staples, Esq. Consul at Buenos say, royal artillery; C. Terrot, ditto ; W. Ayres and its dependencies.

Fyers, royal engineers; G. Glasgow, royal Robert Liston, Esq. Ambassador Extra- artillery; R. Winter, royal marines; W. ordinary and Plenipotentiary to the Otto. Bentham,

royal artillery; E. Stehelin, ditman Porte; and Bartholomew Freere, Esq. to; J. A. Schalch, ditto; H. Hutton, ditto; Secretary of Embassy to the same. T. Barrow, 5th West India regiment; J.

Francis Lord Napier, bis Majesty's High S. Farley, 68th foot; J. Wood, on the Commissioner to the General Assembly of half pay of the Liverpool regiment ; H. the Church of Scotland.

Churchill, of the late horse grenadier Lieut.-Gen. Sir George Nugent, Bart. guards; J. Jenkinson, on half pay of the Commander in Chief in India, and a Mem- Sheffield regiment; T. Lewis, royal ma ber in Council of the Bengal establish- rines ; T. Dunbar, 3d West India regi. ment.

ment; R. Williams, royal marines ; L. APRIL.-C. Maxwell, Esq. Governor of Desborough, ditto; A. Keith, 65th foot; Sierra Leone and its dependencies. J. Mackelcan, royal engineers; J. T. La

MAY.-Field Marshal his R. H. the vard, 54th foot; J. Skinner, 16th foot; Duke of York, Commander in Chief of J. Meredith, royal marines ; R. H. Farmer, the Land Forces.

ditto; Watkin Tench, ditto; J. S. SaunJUNE.—R. Ward, Esq. Clerk of the ders, 61st foot ; L. Maclean, quarter-masOrdnance.

ter-general in the West Indies; G. Wilson, Mujor Generals F. Baron Dreschel, royal artillery; S. Rimington, ditto; D. with temporary rank; C. Baron Linsengen, Ballingall

, royal marines; D. Shank, Cawith ditto ; R. Aytoun; G. Rochfort; F. nadian fencibles; Æ. Shaw on half pay Grose; H. R. Gale; J. Spens; W. Scott; of the queen's rangers; G. Dyer, royal R. Tipping ; A. Campbell; A. Trotter; marines; A. Hay, 1st foot; J. J. Barlow, F. Fuller; Sir J. Affleck, Bart.; G. V. half

pay of the Cheshire fencibles; W. Hart; J. Robinson; G. Warde; Hon. T. Minet, 30th foot; W.M. Peacocke, Cold, Maitland; R. Bright; W. Ramsay ; J. stream guards; Sir J. Douglas, Knt. royal Campbell ; J. Skerrett; H. Oakes; C. marines ; J. Pare, on half pay of 69th Campbell ; Sir G. Prevost, Bart. ; W. Wal- foot; W. P. Clay, on half pay of 40th ler; M. Archdall; Sir J. C. Sherbrooke, foot; C. Wale, 66th foot; T. Hull, 62d

G. Drummond; J. Wharton; W. foot; J. Kemmis, 40th foot; R. Burne, Payne; Hon. E. Bligh; W. Earl Craven; 39th foot; J. 0. Vandeleur, 19th light Lord W. Bentinck; È. Earl of Cork; Hon. dragoons ; C. Pye, 3d dragoons; Sir W. H. G. Grey; Hon. E. Paget; A. Wetham; Aylett, Knt. on half pay of the 6th garriSir B. Spencer, K. B.--to be Lieutenant son battalion; J. R. Fletcher, 6th draGenerals in the army.

goons; R. Browne, 12th light dragoons ;


K. B.;


H. M. Gordon, on half pay of the 16th Rear Admirals of the White.-R. Watfoot; A. J. Goldie, 6th dragoon guards ;' son, Esq. Lord Gardner, M. Dixon, G. R. B. Long, 15th light dragoons ; R. H. Losack, W. Mitchell, G. Hart, and T. Bera? Sheaffe, 49th foot; A. Duff, on half pay tie, Esqrs. to be Rear Admirals of the Red. of 4th foot; G. Airey, 8th foot; R. S. Rear Admirals of the Blue.-J. Lange Donkin, quarter-master-general in the Me harne, W. Hargood, G. Gregory, J. Ferrier, diterranean; Hon. E. Stopford, 3d foot R. I, Bury, R. Moorsom, Esqrs.; Sir C. guards, G. Cooke, 1st foot guards ; T.J. Hamilton, and the Hon. H. Curzon, to be Backhouse, 47th foot; J. Wilson, 4th Cey- ' Rear Admirals of the White. lon regiment; W. Eden, 84th foot; F.G., · And the undermentioned are appointed V. Lake, 60th foot; G. T. Walker, 50th Aag-officers :-A. Fraser, B. Hallowell, G.

J. A. Vesey, on half pay of 29th J. Hope, Esqrs; Lord A. Beauclerk, w. foot; R. Stovin, 17th foot; K. Mackenzie, Taylor, J. N. Morris, G. Burdon, w. on half pay of 15th foot; Sir J. Dalrym- Brown, T. B. Martin, J. Lawford, F. Son ple, Bart. 3d foot guards; F. J. Wilder, theron, and T. Woolley, Esqrs. to be Rear 85th foot; Hon. G. de Grey, aid-de-camp Admirals of the Blue. to the king; S. Hawker, ditto ;-to be Captain W. Bligh has also been appointMajor Generals in the army.

ed Rear Admiral of the Blue, by a comRight Hon. Charles Yorke; Sir Richard mission dated July 31, 1811. Bickerton, Bart. Vice-Admirals of the Blue. Lieut.-General Arthur Visc. WellingJames Buller, Esq. William Dommet, Esq. ton, K. B. General in the army in Spain Vice-Admirals of the White.

and Portugal only. Sir Joseph Sydney Yorke, Hon. Frede- John M.Mahon, Esq. Receiver and Payric Robinson, and Horatio Walpole, Esq. master of the Bounty to Officers' Widows. commonly called Lord Walpole, --Com- Sir S. Hood, Naval Commander in Chief missioners of the Admiralty.

in the East Indies. Frederic Edgcumbe, Esq. a Commission- Sir S. Achmuty, Provisional Governor er of the Victualling Board.

at the Presidency of Fort St George. JULY.—Lieut.-Col. H. Torrens, Milita- Duke of Devonshire, Lord Lieutenant ry Secretary to the Prince Regent. of the County of Derby.

Hon. Wellesley Pole, Chancellor of the James Buller, Esq. one of the Clerks of Exchequer for Ireland.

the Privy Council. His Royal Highness the Duke of Cam- Lieut.-Gen. Sir J. C. Sherbrooke, Lieu. bridge, Chancellor of the University of St tenant Governor of Nova Scotia. Andrews.

Col. J. Butler, Lieutenant Governor of John Allen, Esq. Warden of Dulwich the Royal Military College. College.

Lieut.-Col. G. Vaughan, Governor of Robert Viscount Melville, Keeper of the Fishguard Fort. Privy Seal in Scotland.

Lieut.-Gen. Gother Mann, Inspector General William Earl of Harcourt, Go General of Fortifications. vernor of Portsmouth.

Lieut.-General Sir G. Prevost, Bart. Major-Gen. the Hon. A. Hope, Gover. Capt. General, Governor in Chief, and nor of the Royal Military College. Commander of the Forces in Upper and

Col. G. Murray, Lieut. Governor of Lower Canada, &c. Edinburgh Castle.

Right Hon. George Rose, an Elder BroAUGUST.--Vice- Allmirals of the Blue ther of the Trinity House. H. D’Esterre Darby, E. Bowater, G. Pal- Sir John Sinclair, Receiver General of mer, W. O'Bryen Drury, and W. Essing. the Taxes in Scotland. ton, Esqrs. to be Vice Admirals of the Rev. John Davie, B. D. Master of SidWhite.

ney Sussex College, Cambridge. Rear Admirals of the Red.-F. Pender, SEPTEMBER.-Winkworth Tonge, Esq. W. A. Otway, and G. Lumsdaine, Esqrs.; Deputy Judge Advocate of the Forces in Sir S. Hood, H. Nicholls, H. Sawyer, D. Jamaica. Gould, Esqrs. and Sir R. G. Keats, to be OCTOBER.--Right Hon. Henry Welles, Vice Admirals of the Blue.

ly, Ambassador Extraordinary and Pleni

potentiary to his Catholic Majesty Ferdi- Dr Baillie, one of his Majesty's Physinand VII. Charles Vaughan, Esq. Secre- cians extraordinary. tary to the Embassy.

Rev. John Cole, D.D. Rector of ExeCharles Stuart, George Cockburn, and ter College, Vice Chancellor of Oxford. John Philip Morier, Esqrs. Commissioners Rev. Tho. Browne, D.D. Master of in Spanish America. Rich. Belgrave Hopp- Christ's College, Vice Chancellor of Camner, Esq. Secretary.

bridge. Thomas Sydenham, Esq. Minister Pleni. Rev. Thomas Elrington, D.D. Provost potentiary to the Portuguese Government, of Trinity College, Dublin. during the absence of Charles Stuart, Esq. Rev. George Doyly, D. D. Christian

Lieut.-General Robert Brownrigg, Go- Advocate in the University of Cambridge. vernor and Commander in Chief of the Rev. John Russel, M. A. Head Master British Settlement in Ceylon.

of Charter House School. J. C. Herries, Esq. Commissary in chief. Lord A. Hamilton, Lord Rector of

Burnet Bruce, Esq. one of the Four Glasgow University, Commissioners at Edinburgh.

Adam Gillies, Esq. one of the Judges of John Drinkwater, Esq. a Comptroller of the Court of Session in Scotland. Army Accounts.

DECEMBER.- His Royal Highness Wil. Duke of Norfolk, High Steward of Glou- liam Henry, Duke of Clarence, Admiral of cester.

the Fleet. Lord Somers, Recorder of Gloucester. Right Hon. Spencer Perceval, Right

R. Thornton, Esq. M. P. Marshal of Hon. W. W. Pole, Hon. W. Broderick, the Admiralty.

Snowden Barne, Esq. Hon. B. Paget, and Right Hon. Chas. Hope, Lord President R. Wellesley, Esq. Commissioners of the of the College of Justice in Scotland. Treasury.

Right Hon. David Boyle, Lord Justice- Duke of Devonshire, High Steward of Clerk in Scotland.

Derby. Anthony St John Baker, Esq. Secretary Dr Arnold, Advocate to the Admiralty. of Legation in America.

William Petrie, Esq. Governor of Prince NOVEMBER.- Alex. Frazer Tytler, of of Wales's Island. Woodhouselee, Esq. one of the Lords of Rev. Wm. Jackson, D.D. Canon of Justiciary in Scotland.

Christ Church, Bishop of Oxford. Sir H. Halford, Bart. one of the Physi- Rev. John Leslie, D. D. Dean of Cork, cians in ordinary to his Majesty.

Bishop of Dromore.


FOR 1811.




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The Farmer's Magazine, a Periodical Work, exclusively devoted to Agriculture and Rural Affairs. Nos. 44, 45, 46, and 47. 3$ each

Treatise on Rural Affairs; being the Substance of the article « Agriculture," originally published in the Edinburgh Encyclopædia, with Improvements and Additions. By Robert Brown, Farmer at Markle, near Haddington. Illustrated with numerous Engravings.' 2 vol. 8vo. 11 5s boards

A History of British Implements and Machinery applicable to Agriculture, with Observations on their Improvement. By W. Lester. il ils 6d

General View of the Agriculture of Durham. By J. Bailey. 8vo.
General View of the Agriculture of Wiltshire. By T. Davis. Svo.
General View of the Agriculture of Cambridgeshire. By the Rev. W. Gooch.

Letters and Papers on Agriculture, selected from the Correspondence of the Bath and West of England Society. Vol. XII. 8vo. 9s

General View of the Agriculture of Huntingdonshire." By R. Parkinson. 8vo. 9s General View of the Agriculture of Worcestershire. 8vo. 105 @d'

General View of the Agriculture of Aberdeenshire. By G. Skene Keith, D. D. Illustrated with Engravings. 8vo. 15$

A Treatise on the Breeding of Swine, and curing of Bacon ; with Hints on Agricultural Subjects. By Robert Henderson, Farmer at Broomhill, near Annan. Two Plates. 8vo, 5s

Designs for laying out Farms and Farm-Buildings in the Scotch Style, adapted to England. By J. C. Loudon. 4to. 31 3s

Agricultural Mechanism ; or, a Display of the several Properties and Powers of the Vehicles, Implements, and Machinery connected with Husbandry ; together with a great variety of Improvements and Inventions never before offered to the Public; whereby numerous inconveniences may be obviated, and defects corrected. The whole familiarly arranged, and illustrated by Twenty Copperplates. Dedicated to the Bath and West of England Society. By Captain Thomas Williamson, Honorary Member.

An Historical and descriptive Account of the four Species of Peruvian Sheep. By W. Walton. 8vo.

On the name and Origin of the Merino Breed of Sheep. 28
Report upon the Farm of T. Greg, Esq. at Coles, Hertfordshire. 28

The Economy of the Barn; or, a Dialogue between a Farmer and an Economist, on the Separation and Preservation of Corn. By. W. Lester. 4to il 1s


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