1 yun James. Savere Gardene. London, merchant. Julys
Mackean Archibald. Winchefer Areet, merchant, June 24
Mani iu Calton, Pickert trete, Temple bar, cheesemonger,

July 8
Marunoale John, St. James's freet, wine merchant,

June 14
Marunnant J. St. James's freer. warehousemaa, July 10
May James bidhamn Efex, malther June to
M'Briae Archibald, Liverpool, perfumer, July 1
M Carthy George Packer,' ana kobert Walter Waughan,

Brito, tailors, July 1
M.Derinott, kte Lion Areet, Suuthwark, hop fador,

Medi.uri William, Rors, Hereford, inghulder, July 3
Minceha limai, kod David Amick, Cheapfide, perfumers,

July 11
Morgni Stephen, and Matthew Readibaw, Morley, York

Areet, Southwark, hop factors. June 20
Morgan Stephen. Yurk kreetsouthwark, hop fa&ur,

June 20
Morsi J. Slajofair-ary.btin, Carmarthen, timber mer.

chant, June 29
Morgan Thomas Holborn, linen draper. June 29
Moricy Matthew Readthaw, York kreet, southwark, hop

factor, June 20 Mofe ey Jono Swinchect, Mowdell, York, potatoe mer

chant, June 14
Mulloy Thomas, Tokenhouse yard, London, marinet,

July 15
Mark Philip, Plymouth Dock, linen draper, July 4
Marils Absalom, Aldgate, jeweller. July
Matthew Benjainn, Lime Greet Square, merchaot,

June 34
Nainby Charles, Great Grimsby, Lincoln, tallow chandler,

June 19
Naylor Thumas, jon. Liverpool, upholderer, July 1
Newton Edward, Morpeth. muncy fcrivener july
Nicholls J. G. Moulsey, surry, merchaut, November 1
Palke Richard, Little Hempitun, Devon, cual merchant,

June 13
Palrier Thomas, Goodge åreet, St. Pancras, tailha, Jnly
Parr Robert, Warling #reet, wholesale haberdasher,

June 32
Parton Joho, and James Gardiner, Clement's lane, Lom.

bard Areet, and Saville place, Lambeth, hop mer.

chants, June 17
Pearce James, St. Alban's Areet, ladies' toe maker,

June is
Pearkes Benjamin, Worcefter, tea dealer, June 13
Pears Samuel, Bread itreet, London, warehoofeman,

July 9
Pears samuel, Bread &reet, London, warehouseman, and

John Wation. sen. and jun. and Joseph Watfun, Pref

ton. Lancader. cottun manufacturers, July 29 Jenn Ifaac, Leather lant, viiman, June 17 Bouicy W. Siedinere, York, corn factor, June 30

Puller David, late of Cannon Aroet road, Ratclike High

way, mariner, but now a prifoner in the King's Beach,

June 17
Rowlins William, Gracechurch Areet, grocer, July 8
Read ) Reckington, oinerfet, clo hier. July 14
Richards Gcorre. Coronill, bokfeller, June 14
Robinfin Ifaac, Whitehaven, mercer Julys
Ruwland Nathaniel Greystoke place, retter lane, in.

furance Broker, July 29
Rudge M. Frethorne, Glocefter tanner, July 14
Rumsey Thomas, feu. Bermondsey. broom maker, Julys
Salterthwaite Thomas, Manchetter, merchant June ai
Savi rhumas, and John Reynolds, Maochester, woul.

faplers. June 27
Saul Thomas, Manchetter. wunlftapler, Jube 27
Scott T.I and D. Garthorpe. Yok, grocers. June 19
Shaw George, I incoln, merchant: June 19
Shaw Jofeph, Heighis, near Delph, York, cotton fpioner,

June 6
Simplon Fanoy, Prefton, Lancaster, milliner, July &
Smith day, albermarle #. cet, wine merchant. Jily!
Smith James, Little Pulteney Arect, Callow chandler

June 14
Stapleton John, Newington Common, Hackney, dealer

and chapman July 8
Stevens Thomas, Britos, carpenter, July 1L
Siraw G. Lincoln, merchaal, Juar 19
Stretton William, Wadenhoc, Northampton, butcher

July 1
Taylor ). Vachams, Susses, shopkeeper, August 12
Tempeit Michael, Derny, mercer, June jo
Thompfun wiliam. Jin Wolverhainpton, grocer July 11
ligar Ann Beverly, York, Ironmonger. June 24
Tom William, Cross I.ane, st Mary Hill, London, and

Bankhde Sorry, merchant, June 30 October 31
Tomlins Joho. Brintul, grocer, July 10
Tomlinson John and Charles. Cheker brewers, July 1
Tracy Francis. Windfor, grncer, July 5
Turner John, Souding, Suffolk, draper, July 8
Tuthor Thomas Perry, Holborn hili, linen-draper, June 25
Tyfon John, Liverpool, taliuw chandler, July 1
Ushaw William, Beverly, York, corn merchant, June 24
Vincent Joho. Seathing Lane, carpenter, June 24
Viseck W. Midhurft, Suffix draper, June 27
Watmough Robert, and Robert Williamson Clapham, Lie

ve pool, soap-buiiers, July 4
Watfon William Peter Selby, York, mercer: June 17
Watson Jacob. Elton, Lancashire, cotton-spioner, June 26
Webb J. R. Chertsey, grocer. July 1
Wilkes Williain, Birmingham, factor. July 8
Willianus W. Park Street, Ilington, builder, July 24
Willmot S. D. Dunfter, Somerset, merchant, July 7
Winter William, and Thomas, Tarrea Hay, Long-acre,

Jacemad, June 13
Woodward Auguftine, liverpool, porter-merchant, June 19
Wrighi Charles, Aldgate, tobaconit, July 11


Containing official Papers and authentic Documents.

part of them are returned again to their habi. BULLITINS OF THE FRENCH ARMY. tations. Fourth Bulletin.

The Emperor of Austria was three days at Head-quarters at Brannau, May 1. - Brannau; he was at Scharding when be heard On the crossing of the bridge at Landshut, of the defeat of bis army. The inbabitants Brigadier-General Lacour gave proofs of va. consider him as the principal cause of the lour and coolness. Colonel Lauriston placed war. the artillery advantageously, and cuntributed The famous volunteers of Vienna passed ' much to the happy issue of the splendid through this place after the defeat at Landaffair.

shut, chrowing away their arms, and carryo The Bishop and the principal public func ing with them in all haste their terror co tionaries of Saltzburgh repaired to Burghausen, Vienna. to implore the clemency of the Emperor for On the 21st of April, an Imperial Decree their country. His Majesty gave them his was published in the capital, declaring the assurance, that they should never again come. ports to be again opened to the English, the under the dominion of the House of Austria. treaties with this ancient ally renewed, and They engaged to take measures for recalling hoscilities against the common enemy bethe four battalions of the militia, wbich the gun. circle had delivered, and of which a part were

General Oudinot has taken prisoners a dispersed and fled.

battalion of 1000 men, between Alchai and The head-quarters are to be this day re Ried. This battalion was without cavalry moved to Ried.

and artillery. On the approach of our troops, At Braonau, magazines were found with they made an attempt to fire with their small 200,000 rationis of biscuit, and 6000 sacks of arms, but being sursounded on all sides by cats. The Circle of Ried has furnished three

the cavalry, were obliged to lay duwa theis battalions for the militia, but the greater armus.

His Majesty caused several brigades of light Anstrian rear guard before Ebersberg. The cavalry to pass in review at Burghausen, and intrepid battalions of the tirailleu's of the among others those of Hesse Darmstadt; at Po, and the Corsican tirailleurs, pursued the whose appearance lie was pleased to express enemy, who was passing the bridge, drove his satisfaction. General Marulaz, under into the river the cannon, waggons, and from whose command the corps stands, presented 8 to 900 men, and took in the town from 3 several of them, to whom his Majesty was

to 1000

meni, whom the enemy had leit there pleased to grant decorarions of the Legion of for its de rence. General Claparede, whose Honour.

advanced guard was three battalicns, pursued General Wrede has intercepted a courier, them. He halted at Ebersberg, and found on whom were found two letters in pieces, 30,000 Austrians occupying a superb position from which we may perceive the state of The Duke of Istria passed the bridge with his confusion in which the kingdom is.

cavalry, in order to support the division, and Fifıb Bulletin

the Duke of Rivoli ordered his advanced From the Imperial Camp at Enns, May 4, 1809. guard to be strengthened by the main body of

On the 1st nf May, General Oudinot, after the army. The remains of toe corps of having made 1400 prisoners, penetrated be. Prince Lewis and General Hiller w:re lost yond Ried, where he took 400 more, with. without resource. In ihis extreme danger out firing a single gun.

the enemy set fue to the town, which was The town of Brannau was a strong place built of wood. The fire spread in an instunt of sufficient importance, since it commanded in every direction. The bridge was soon to a bridge on the river, which fornis the fron- veloped, and the Asmes se zed the joists, tier of Austria. In a spirit of inconsistency, which it was necessary to cut.

Neither cam worthy this weak Cabinet, it destroyed a, vairy nor in'antry were able to act; and the fortress situated on a frontier, where it might division of Claparede alone, with unly four be of great utility, in order to build one at pieces of cannon, fought during three hours Comorn, in the midst of Hungary. Posteriagainst 30,000 men. This battle of Ebersty will with difficulty credit this excess of in. berg is one of the finest military occurr nces, consistency and folly.

the memory of whicn can be preserved by The Emperor arrived at Ried on the 2d in history. The enemy seeing the division of the morning, and at Lambuch in the after. Clarapepe cut off without any communication, noon. At Ried were found an establishment advanced three times against it, and was al. of eight sets of military ovens, and magazines ways received and stopped by the bayonet. containing 20,000 quintals of four. The At length, after a labour of three hours, the bridge of Lambach, on the Traun, had been flames were turned aside, and a passage was cut by the enemy; it was re-established dur opened. General Le Grand marched towards ing the day. On the same day, the Duke of the castle, which the enemy had occupied Istria and the Duke of Montebello entered with 800 men. The sappers broke in the Wels. In this town was found a bakery, doors, and the flames having reached the 12 or 15,000 quinials of four, and maga. castle, all who were within perished. Gendo zines of wine and brandy.

The Duke of ral Le Grand afterwards marched to the as. Dantzic, who arrived on the 30th of April sistance of Claparede's division. General at Salızburg, instant.y caused one brigade to Durosnel, who advanced to the right shore, march towards Kufstein, and another towards with 1000 borse, joined him, and the enemy Rastadt. His advanced guard, pursuing Ge was obliged to retreat with great haste. On neral Jellachich, forced him across the strong the first report of these events, the Emperor post at Colling.

himself niarched up the right shore with the On the 1st of May, the head-quarters of the divisi.ins of Nansouty and Molitor. The Duke of Rivoli were at Scharding. Adjutant- enemy retreated with the greatest rapidicy, General Trinquataye, commanding the ad- arrived at night at Enns, burnt the bridge, 'vanced guard, met at Riedan, the advanced and continued his flight to Vienna. His loss guard of the enemy. The Wirtemberg light consists of 12,000 men, of which 7500 are borse, che Baden dragoons, and three com prisoners. We also possess four pieces of panies of French voltigeurs, attacked and cannon, and two standards. The Deputies of pursued the enemy to Neuinark.

the States of Upper Austria, were presented The Duke of Rivoli arrived at Lintz on to his Majesty at his bivouac at Ebersberg. the 3d. The Archduke Lewis, and General

Sixib Bulletin, Hiller, with the remains of their corps, re

St. Polter, Muy 9. inforced by a reserve of grenadiers, and by The Prince of Ponte Corvo, who conse all that the country could afford them, were mands the 9th corps, composej in a great betore the Train with 35,000 men; but measure of the Saxon army, and which has menaced with being turned by the Duke of mached near the Bohemian fiontier, has Montetello, they proceeded to Ebersberg, caused the Saxon General Gatich mitt to in order to pass the river. On the 3d, the march to Eyra. This General has been well Duke of Istria and General Oudinot marched received hy che inhabicants, whom he has towards Ebersberg, and effected a junction ordered to dismiss the landwehr (militis). with the Duke of Rivoli..They met the On the 6th, the head-quarters of the Prince

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of Ponte Corvo were at Riez, between Bohe. and executed within twenty-four hours after
mia and Ratisbon. One Schill, a sort of he shall be taken, and this as the leader of
robber, who was covered with crimes during highway robbers.
the last campaign with Prussia, and who had ALEXANDER, Prince of Neufchatel, &c.
obtained the rank of Colonel, has deserted

Seventb Bulletin. from Berlin, with his whole regiment, and

Vienna, May 1:3. repaired to Wirtemberg, on the Saxon fron On the 10th, about nine in the morning, tier. He has environed that town, General the Emperor appeared with the corps of the Lestocq has issued a proclamation against Marshal Duke of Montebello, at the gates of him as a deserter. This ridiculous movement Vienna. It was just one month, on the was concerted with the party which wished same day and hour that the Austrian army, to send fire and blood through Germany. had crossed the Inn, and the Emperor Frans His Majesty has ordered the formation of a cis had rendered himself guilty of a breach of corps of observation of the Elbe, which will faith, which was the prognostic of his overbe commanded by the Duke of Valiny, and throw, The Emperor experienced a secret composed of 60,000 men. The advanced satis action, when, approaching the immense guard is ordered to procerd to Hanau, 'suburb of Vienna, a numerous populace, wo

The Duke of Montebello crossed the Enns men, cliildren, and old men, hastened to at Steyer, on the 4th, and arrived on the meer the French army, and received our sol5th at Amstetten, where he met the enemy's diers as friends. advanced guard. Colbert, General of 'Bri General Couroux entered the suburbs, and gade, caused the 20th regiment of horse General Thurean repaired to the platform chasseurs to charge a regiment of Ulans, of which separates them from the town. At the whom 500 were taken. The young Lauriston, moment when he was posting his troops, he eighteen years of age, and who but six months was saluted with a fire of musketry and cannong ago was a page, after a singular combat, van and received a slight wound. quished the commander of the t'lans, and Of the three hundred thousand which form took him prisoner. His Majesty has granted the whole population of Vienna, the town him the decoration of the Legion of Honour. properly so called, which is defended by On the 6th, the Duke of Montebello arrived bastions and a counterscarp, contains nearly at Molck, the Duke of Rivoli at Amstetten, 80,000 inhabitants. The four quarters of and the Duke of Auerstadt at Lintž. There the town, which are called suburbs, and mains of the corps of the Archduke Lewis which are separated from it by a plain, on and General Hiller, quitted St. Polten on the the land side, covered by entrenchments, in7th. Two-thirds passed the Danube at Crems; clude more than 5000 houses, inhabited by they were pursued to Mautern, where the more than 220,000 persons. bridge was found broken; the other third The Archduke Maximilian had ordered rea took the direction of Vienna.

gisters to be opened to collect the names of On the 5th, the head-quarters of the Em- the inhabitants who wished to defend theme peror were at St. Polten. The head-quarters selves. Thirty individuals alone inscribed of the Duke of Montebello are tv-day at Sin their names; all the others refused with ingartskirchen. The Duke of Dantzic is march- dignation. ing from Saltzburg to Inspruck, in order to The Duke of Montebello sent him an aid. attack in the rear the detachments which the de-camp with a summons; buç butchers, and enemy has still in the Tyrol, and which trou some hundreds of fellows, who were the sabled the frontiers of Bavaria. In the cellars tellites of the Archduke Maximilian, flew of the Abbey of Molck were found several upon the aid-de-camp, and one of them thousand bottles of wine, which are very wounded him. useful for the army. It is not till beyond After this unheard-of violation of the rights Molck that the wine country begins. It of nations, we saw che frightful spectacie of follows from the accounts given in, that the a part of the city firing upon the other part, army has found, since the passage of the Inn, and of a city whose arms were turned against in the different magazines of the enemy, her own citizens. 40,000 quintals of four, 400,000 rations of General Andreossy, appointed Governor biscuit, and some hundred thousands of rations of the city, organised in each suburb muni. of bread. Austria had formed these maga- cipalities, a central committee of subsistence, zines in order to march forward. They have and a national guard. been of great use to us.

The Governor-General caused a deputation di the Imperial Head-quarters at Enns, May 6. from the eight suburbs to proceed to Schuen

By virtue of a command of his Majesty the brunn. The Emperor ordered this deputation Emperor and King, Chastelar, soi-disant Ge. to go into the city with a letter from the neral of the Austrian service, ringleader of Prince of Neufchatel, representing to the the insurrection in the Tyrol, and causer of Archduke, that, if he continued to fire upon the murders committed on havarian and French the suburbs, such an attack would for ever prisoners, contrary to the laws of nations, break che ties that attach subjects to their sem shall be brought before a military commission, vercigns.


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The reply to this demand was a redoubled Emperor that this war would bring about the are from ihe ramparts.

downfall of his house, and that the Frencha The patience of the Emperor was worn out would soon be at Vienna, " Poh! Poh!" he ordered a bridge to be built on the arm replied the Emperor," they are all in Spain."; of the Danube, which separates the Prater --Thugut made repeated representations. from the suburbs. At 8 p. in. the materials The Prince de Ligne said aloud," I thought of the bridge were united-1800 howitzers I was old enough not to have outlived the were fired in less than four hours, and soon Austrian Monarchy.!" And when the old the whole city appeared in flames.

Count Wallis saw the Emperor se: out to One must have previously seen Vienna, join the army, he said, “There is Darius her houses eight or nine stories high, her running to meet an Alexander; he will expenarrow streets, that population se numerous rience the same fate."--Count Cobentzel, in sw small a space, to form an idea of the the promoter of the war of 1805, on his death. disorder and disasters occasioned by such an bed, and but twenty-four hours before he exoperation.

pired, addressed an animated letter to the The Archduke lost his judgment in the Emperor." Your Majesty,” he wrote, midst of the bombardments, and at the mo. sought to consider as fortunate the situation ment particularly in which he was informed in which the peace of Preshurgh has placed that we had passed an arm of the Danube, and you. You are in the second rank among the Were marching against him to cut off his re powers of Europe, which is the same your treat, as weak and pusillanimous as he had ancestors occupied. Avoid a war for which been

arrogant and inconsiderate, he was the no provocation is given. Napoleon will confirst to cross the bridges.

quer, and will then have the right to be inAt day-break on the 12th, the General in- exorable,” &c. &c.- The Prince of Zinzenformed the outposts that a fire would be dorf, Minister for Foreign Affairs, several opened on the town, and that a deputation other statesmen and persons of distinction, should be sent to the Emperor. A deputa- and all the respectable burghers, spoke in tion was accordingly presented to the Empe. the same manner. But the wounded pride ror, in the park of Schoenbrunn. His Ma- of the Emperor, the hatred of the Archduke jesty assured the deputation that the town Charles against Russia, the gold of England, should obtain his protection. He testified which had purchased the minister Stadion, the regret which he felt at the inhuman con the levity of some dozen of women, or effemi duct of their government, which had not nate men, the faise reports of Counc Metter. shuddered at giving up the capital to all the nich, the intrigues of the Rozumowakys, horrors of war. - His Majesty intimated that the Dalpozzos, the Schlegels, toe Gentzes, Vienna should be treated with the same ten and other adventurers, maintained by England derness and regard as it had been in 1805. for sowing discord on the continent, have This assurance was received by the deputies promoted this foolish and impious war. with testimonies of the most sincere gratis Weak Princes! corrupt cabinets! ignorant, tude.

fickle, besotied men ! such are the suares Ac nine in the morning, the duke of Rin which England has for these fifteen years voli, with the divisions of St. Cyr ana Boudet, constantly laid for you, and into w:sich you got possession of Leopolstadt.

will readily fall. But the catastrophe you In the niean time, Lieutenant-General prepared is at length developed, and the peace O'Reiley sent Lieutenant-General De Vaux of the continent is for ever secured. and Colonel Belloutte to creat for che capitu The Emperor has reviewed the heavy calation of the place.

valry of General Nansouty, 5000 strong, and The capitulations was signed in the evening, has given to the bravest oficer of each regiand on the 13th, at six in the morning, the ment the title of Baron, and to the bravest grenadiers of Oudinot took possession of the Cuirassier, a decoration of the Legion of

Honour, with 1200 arancs.
Eigbub Bulletin

We found at Vienna five hundred pieces of

Vienna, May 16. cannon, a great number of carriages, and The inhabitants of Vienna greatly praise immense quantities of balls, &c the conduct of the Archduke Rainier, who The Austrian Monarchy issued more than refused to support the Government in the re 300 millions of paper to support the prepavolutionary measures ordered by the Emperor rations for this war, and the number of bills Francis, and that the Archduke Maximilian in circulation amounts to more than 1500 was therefore appointed in his stead. This millions. young prince, who swore to bury himself un During the bombardment of Vienna, only der the the ruins of Vienna, no sooner learnt about ten houses were destroyed, and the that the French had crossed the Danube to people remark, that this misfortune fell cut off his retreat, than he quitted the town, upon the most zealous promoters of the war, without even transferring the command to The few days rest which the army has had, any other person. The misfortunes which has been of great advantage. The weather Tave befallen the House of Lorraine, were is fine, and we have scarcely any sick. The foreseen by all intelligent men, of whatever wine distributed to the troops is in abundance, pinciples : Manfridini represented to the and of excellent quality. .



Ninth Bulletin.

Danube, in the presence of an enemy well

Vienna, May 19. acquainted with all the local circumstances, After the army had a few days rest at Vic and who has the inhabitants on his side, is enna, the necessary preparations were made one of the greatest military enterprises that for the important passage of the Danube. can be imagined. The bridge over the arm Prince Charles, driven to the other side of of the river, which separates the right bank the Danube, had no other refuge than the from the first island, and the bridge from this niils of Bohemia. The Emperor did not island to that of Inder-Lobau, were erected adopt any plan to delay bis entrance into on the 19th. Molitor's division had been Vienna a day, well knowing that in the state conveyed to the great island, on the 18th, by of exasperation in which people's minds were, sow-boats. Ou the 20ïh, the Emperor arrived it might be resolved to defend the town, and on Inder-Lobau, and caused a bridge to be to multiply obstacles.

thrown over the last arm of the Danube, The Duke of Auerstadt remained before from that island to the left bank, between Ratisbon, whilst Prince Charles retreated to Gross. Aspern and Esling. This arm being Bohemia. Immediately after he proceeded not quite 70 toises broad, only 15 pontoons to Passau and Lintz, on the right bank of the were required for the operation, which were Danube, and gained four marches on the fixed within three hours. Colonel St. Croix Prince.

arrived first on the left bank, in an open The corps of the Prince of Ponte Corvo buat ; and General Lasalle's division of light acted on the same system, and first moved cavalry, with Molitor and Boudet's divisions, towards Egra, which forced Prince Charles to passed duriog che night. Afterwards, the direct General Bellegarde's corps towards that Emperor, accompanied by the Prince of Neufpoint, but by a counter-march he turned to- chatel, the Dukes of Rivoli and Montebello, wards Lintz, where he arrived before General examined the position of the left bank, and Beliegarde, who,- foreseeing this counter- determined the field of battle, posting the march, had also directed his march towards right on the village of Esling, and the left on the Danube. These manquvres performed the village of Gross-Aspern. Both villages daily, have freed Itly, the borders of the Inn, were garrisoned at the same time. On the the Selda, and the Traun; conquered Vienna, 21st, at four in the afternoon, the enemy's annihilated the militia and the Landwher, army shewed itself, and appeared to have for completed the ruin of the corps of the Arch- its'object to defeat our vanguard, and to drive duke Lewis and General Hiller, and dimi- it into the river. Vain enterprise ! nished the fame of the enemy's generals. The Duke of Rivoli was the first attacked,

The emperor has thrown a bridge over the at Gross Aspern, by General Bellegarde. He Danube at Ebersdo:it, two leagues below manqu vred with the divisions of Molitor and Vienna. The division of Moliter was con Le Grand, and rendered completely abortive veyed to the left bank, and quickly dereated all the attacks which the enemy made that the weak detachments which disputed the evening. The Duke of Montebello defended ground with them.

che village of Esling; and the Duke of Istria The Emperor of Austria is at Znaim. covered the plain with the light cavalry and There is as yet no rising in Hungary. Espagne's cuirassiers, protecting at the same

The Duke of Danızic is at Inspruck. On time Enzendorf. The contest was severe, the 14th he defeated General Chastellar, and the enemy having 200 pieces of cannon, and took 700 men.

90,000 men, collected froin the remains of The position of the army is as follows:--The all the Austrian corps. D'Espagne's division corps of Rivoli, Montebello, and Oudinot, of cuirassiers, which made several fine charges, are at Vienna, as also the imperial Guards; advanced in two squares, and took 14 pieces the corps ut Auerstadt, is between St. Polten

of cannon; but a ball killed General D'Es. and Vienna ; Ponte Corso is at Lintz, with pagne, while fighting, gloriously, at the head the Saxon and Wirtembuigbers ; a corps de of his troops. He was a brave man." The reserve is at Passau ; Danizic is with the General of Brigade, Foulers, was likewise Euvarjans at Sultzburgh and Inspruck. killed. General Nansouty arrived in the Tentb Bulletin.

evening on the field of batile, with the sin

Ebersdoff, May 23. gle brigade commanded by General St. Ger. Opposite to Ebersdorff the Danube is divided main, and distinguished himself by several into three branches, separated by two islands. brilliant charges. At eight o'clock the action The distance from the right bank to the terminated, and we remained masters of the island on that side, which is 140 toises in cir- field. During the night, General Oudinot's cumterence, is about 1000 toises. The dis- corps, St. Hillaire's division, two brigades of tance from this island to the greater is 120 light cavalry, and the train of artillery, passed toises; and here the stream runs with the over the three bridges. On the 22d, the greatest force. The larger of the two islands Duke of Rivoli was the first engaged, at four is called Inder-Lobau, and the water which in the morning. The enemy made several separates it from the main land is 70 ivises successive attacks in order to retake the vid. broad. The first villages which appear after lage. At last, the Duke of Rivoli, tired of crossing, are Gross-Aspern, Esling, and En- acting on the defensive, attacked the enemy zendort. The passage of such a river as the in his turn, and threw him into confusion.


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